Home buying couple on a walk of their new home under construction

The Differences Between Buying a New Home and a Resale Property

Though bidding wars have declined nationally, they have remained higher than the national average in California, according to a recent report by Redfin. In fact, nearly 60% of resale properties in California will have multiple offers.

Buying a new home is so much easier than a resale. Imagine yourself walking through the doors of your bright, brand-new space. Shiny, sparkling clean and all yours! Your home is a place where you will spend countless hours with family and friends. The buying process should be as rapid and smooth as possible, that way you can start making memories faster.

There are countless reasons why buying new will save you a headache, but here are just a few.

  • No bidding wars.

Bidding wars can cause added stress to your housing search. They increase uncertainty and can cause disappointment when a home you hoped for falls out of your price range. You don’t want to find yourself attached to a property and later unable to afford it when the competition becomes too intense.

  • It’s fresh, clean, and new – no one else has ever lived in it.

Especially with older homes, you never know what sorts of problems may arise in the future that you were not aware of at the time of purchase. With a new home, there is also no additional cleaning or maintenance that may need to be done before you can move in. That means it’s ready and waiting for you to customize, decorate and make your own!

  • We have an entire team of builders, lenders and customer service people that will reduce your stress – you’re not alone making this purchase.

Buying a home can be a lengthy ordeal but you should never have to feel overwhelmed or alone during the process. Having an entire, vetted team of professionals behind you – at no extra cost – will make you feel supported throughout the process. During each step, from assessing your finances, to finally closing on your home, proper support will help things move smoothly.

  • Home warranties take care of hidden worries in resale homes.

When you purchase a resale property, you might receive a mediocre one-year warranty on the home. When you purchase a brand-new home at Wildrose, you receive a warranty provided by the homebuilder.

  • More time. Once you purchase, you will have time to prepare while we build.

There is no rush to move in! If you’re relocating from nearby or far away, you have time to prepare, plan and pack. Moving is a big life change and it requires arrangements to be made. You can let the builders work on building, while you get everything in order to enter your new home and your new future.

  • Choices – you can choose your cabinet colors, countertop styles, etc. – and it’s included.

Your home is a space that you cultivate, and it should feel personalized to your tastes. These options will help you choose some of the little things that make your home special. Depending on when you purchase, you’ll be able to select design elements like your cabinet colors and countertop styles, and they will be ready to go beforeyou move in. That means no dust! You cannot magically customize a resale property unless you do it yourself or hire a team after you have the keys.

If you are on the hunt for a new home, we hope these points have been helpful in your process of deciding between a new or previously owned home. We think buying new will make the search and purchase much easier for you.

Wildflower would love to welcome you home. Get in touch with us at 951-981-4655 to speak with our team and schedule a model tour.